About Us

We are a non-profitable Nigerian-based organization providing support; such as social services to sex workers in several Nigerian states.

Organisational Profile

Passion and concern for women welfare and initiative (PACOWWEI) is a KAP –led Community based organization that provides psycho-social care and support to FSWs and other women and girls who have high risk of contracting HIV infection; empowering them with adequate knowledge on reproductive and sexual health and rights issues while advocating for new prevention to curb the spread of HIV/ AIDS in the society. PACOWWEI takes into cognizance, the social, economic, religious and political challenges affiliated with sex work, gender and health in general. FSW are the major targets populations we are currently working but with greater prospect to reach out to other MARPs population.

PACOWWEI has its head office in Abuja and 7 branches in Kaduna, Kano, Niger, Bayelsa, Taraba, Ogun and Sokoto .Currently, our partners include Society For Family Health (SFH), FHI360, Heartland Alliance, State Action Committee on AIDS (SACA), NACA, etc. Who renders financial and technical support. Also, we belong to many international/ national NGO andnetworks focused on human rights and sexuality issues as CiSHAN, ASWA, NSWA etc..

With HIV/AIDS remaining a leading development challenge among different populations in Nigeria, PACOWWEIhave also resolved to fight the epidemic in partnership with coordinating entities and partners to reduce the prevalence and incidence hence the development of a strategic plan document. This plan is to provide HIV prevention implementation direction to our organization in the next three years.

Our Misson

  • To bring succor to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS,
  • To help them live positively
  • To give psychosocial support and human rights literacy programming to enable a secure environment, to achieve a sustainable behavioral change.
  • To lead the effort of HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for sex workers and their partners through capacity building, advocacy and empowerment in Nigeria.

Our Vision

  • To see a Nigeria where every sex worker have access to quality health and legal services including empowering them too.

Our Core Objectives

  • To Promote fundamental human rights and equality
  • To facilitate access to free and comprehensive HIV prevention, treatment, care and support information services for sex workers.
  • To sensitize and use entertainment to get to the key affected population.
  • To invest in Research and documentation.
  • To administer malaria, tuberculosis and STI management.
  • To provide human rights literacy development programming for sex workers.
  • To empower health care providers with appropriate knowledge and skills to provide positive and unbiased services for sex workers.
  • To provide and sustain a platform for sex workers to come together, exchange ideas through the instrument of peer support.

Our Core Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Credibility

Our Target Population

Sex Workers In General

Past Projects

Sensitization Program for sex workers and HTS, STI screening and Syndromes Management for sex worker, Income generating activities.

Program Areas

  • Capacity Building
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Program
  • Advocacy
  • Human Rights Literacy Program
  • Empowerment

Board of directors

  • Ms Lovely Nwabrije
  • Ms Josephine Aseme
  • Mr. Albano Anonyuo
  • Mrs Amaka Enemo Danjuma